Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings

Thanks, as usual, to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting this wonderful meme every week. 

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1. The Blythes are Quoted by L. M. Montgomery
This was on my Christmas list last year, and I've had my eyes on it ever since I heard that L. M. Montgomery's last ever manuscript was going to be published in full and completely uncensored. I preordered it from Amazon but when it was released I was told they didn't have it in stock. I don't think they had enough interest from UK readers to bother stocking it, to be honest. So this is one that needs to actually be purchased from Canada, unfortunately. My mum seems to have been investigating this one recently so it may end up in my stocking this year!

2. Lilly's Wedding Quilt by Kelly Long
Those of you who remember my review of  this book may be confused by its presence on my wishlist, but I read a Kindle edition of this book from the publisher back in March and loved it so much that I want to own a physical copy to display on my bookcase. This book really touched me when I read it, so hopefully it'll have the same effect the second time I read it...providing this is one book I get for Christmas!

3. The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott by Kelly O'Connor McNees
I heard about this book a while back and recently stumbled across this beautiful cover on Amazon while having a look at prospective presents for my mum, who is also a Little Women fan. This is another one that made the shortlist for my Christmas list this year and I'd love to read it sometime.

4. A Widow's Hope by Mary Ellis
While making my Christmas list, I checked out which books had been on my GoodReads wishlist for several years, and this was one of them. I read Mary Ellis's Christmas novella last Christmas and absolutely adored it, but somehow I've not got around to reading any of her full-length novels this year. I read a sample of this book and was hooked, so this is another one I'm hoping to receive this Christmas. 

5. A Man of His Word by Kathleen Fuller
Kathleen Fuller is pretty much in the same boat as Mary Ellis. I've read nearly all of her novellas and have had my eye on this book for a while but just not had the opportunity to read it. I also read a sample of this book and found it very engaging, so fingers crossed!

6. Courting Miss Amsel by Kim Vogel Sawyer
I had my eye on this book when I heard of its release at the end of 2010 and it was on my list of prospective review books, but I never got the chance to review it in the end. This one didn't make the cut for my Christmas list, which I limited to five books, but since I've just received a lovely little cheque from my uncle and aunt I may use my Christmas money for this book. I've read a couple of Kim's novels recently and really enjoyed them.

7. The Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini
I've heard some really good things about this series but unfortunately I can't find this book in either of the library systems that I'm connected to. This looks like it'll be one that I'll have to buy at some point down the line! I'm not a quilter myself, but I'd love to try it sometime. 

8. To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer
I read Head in the Clouds earlier this year and adored it, and was hoping that I'd get the chance to request To Win Her Heart to review at some point this year, but I had too much on my plate. And since this story includes a librarian, this has to be one that's high up on my wishlist. I've only read one of Karen's books but I love her style of writing. Another one that I may spend my Christmas money on. 

9. Virgin River by Robyn Carr
Someone recently recommended this series to me but it's another one that I can't find in either library catalogue! It is on Audible, so if I don't end up buying this with my Christmas money I'll probably download the audiobook. I normally read Historical or Amish fiction, but I do enjoy some contemporary romances and sagas from time to time and this series has some great reviews.

10. Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin
Another librarian love story! I worked in my school library a lot in my final two years of high school and enjoy alphabetising books far too much (so much so that my fiancé's film collection is also alphabetised, and I volunteered to do it...) This was another would-be review book that sadly didn't make the cut, and I almost forgot about it until several of my friends on GoodReads started to rave about it. Plus, isn't this cover just absolutely gorgeous? This one needs to be pushed higher up on my wishlist for definite.


  1. stopping by to view your list for Santa. Love them all. Happy Holidays.

  2. Very interesting list! I think it's really cool that you read Christian fiction and Amish romances. I've never read any books like this before.

    Check out ours at The Blue Bookcase!

  3. Hi Rachel, I'm a new follower. Love your choice of books here."The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott: sound really good! Feel free to visit my blog anytime... http://thoughtsonbookss.blogspot.com/

    Happy New Year!

    Cathy :)