About Me

I'm Rachel Brand; a Christian wife, writer, fiction editor, book reviewer and student. I'm in the process of completing my undergraduate degree in English Literature and Modern History, but I've also dabbled in German, Art History and European Literature during my time as a student. I graduate in June 2013, and currently my plan is to be a full-time housewife and writer, while supporting my husband as he starts his career. I'd love nothing more than to be a stay-at-home wife and mother, and hopefully someday a published author. I primarily write romance novels, and submitted my first novel to a publisher in October 2012. I'm eagerly looking forward to graduating from university so that I can devote even more time to my writing! 

I read a variety of different genres and authors, but recently I've been leaning more towards inspirational romance, particularly historical and Amish. I do still enjoy general market chick-lit, family sagas and women's fiction, and I love anything that deals with the intricate relationships between friends and family members. 

When I'm not reading a novel or penning my own, I enjoy experimenting with new recipes, knitting, watching films and attempting to play computer games with my husband.

I'm the Fiction Editor over at The Christian Manifesto, and spend nearly as much time answering emails about books as I do reading them! I love my job and am honoured to work with such a wonderful team of reviewers, all of whom are just as passionate about books as I am.