Review Policy

I am not currently accepting any review solicitations for my personal book blog, but if you are interested in having your book reviewed by myself or another review at The Christian Manifesto, please contact me at rbrand(at)thechristianmanifesto(dot)com. It would be preferable if you could include a synopsis and cover image for your book, as well as relevant publication information.


  1. Sorry, Rachel, if this is coming at you a second time. I am basically computerate illiterate and a few moments ago I tried to contact you but my comment disappeared in a cloud of smoke. I was asking if you would be interested in reviewing Fallen Men by Brian O'Hare. I was writing stuff about it but you can check it out form yourself in the kindle booklist (It is an ebook)

  2. I would like to friend u i am a writer to i write short stories and read loads of books my e mail ad is