Friday, 2 December 2011

Day 6 - Least Favourite Mystery

30 Days of the Baby-Sitters Club
Day 6 - Least Favourite Mystery

Without a doubt, I'd have to say Beware, Dawn! I read this book earlier this year and as much as I love to escape into a BSC book and ignore the unbelievable aspects of the story, there were too many ridiculous things about this plot for me to ignore. The story surrounds the girls being given threatening notes but not consulting each other on this because they're too busy competing to win some sort of sitter-of-the-month award and don't want to look bad by being scared by the notes. I can buy Kristy doing this because she is competitive and I can see her wanting to look brave in the face of the threats, but the other girls, especially Mary Anne and the younger sitters would be scared for themselves and for the kids they were sitting for. The competition was blatantly just a plot device put in place to stop the girls talking to each other, since otherwise they would have solved the mystery immediately. As much as I like non-mysteries, this one was lame: Dawn had told off some boy for teasing someone else and got him in trouble with his parents so he rode around the town on his bike, leaving threatening notes for each of the girls as payback. Kudos for continuity as this kid had been causing trouble in other books, but otherwise this plot was pretty lame. Definitely one of the weaker mysteries.

What was your least favourite mystery?

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