Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Woman Betrayed - Barbara Delinsky

With a twenty-year marriage, two terrific kids, and a successful career, Laura Frye has everything she could ask for - until her husband Jeff mysteriously disappears. Beside herself with worry, Laura maintains that the Jeff she knew would never leave voluntarily. But what about the Jeff she didn't know? As her husband's many secrets come to light, Laura is left with a shocking picture of the man she married, and a world that is falling apart. Shaken to the very core, Laura looks for ways to hold her family together and rebuild her life. What she finds is a strength she never knew she had, and a love she thought she had lost forever. 

Nothing can ever top my favourite Delinsky, 'The Family Tree', but I still thoroughly enjoyed this. Published in 1991 this is one of her earlier novels, and this is clear from her style of writing and the sometimes awkward-and-unneeded sex scenes. The characters, however, were for the most part very believable and made me want to keep reading so that I could figure out all their dirty secrets. In a sense, 'A Woman Betrayed' is a bit like a soap opera - addictive, character driven and full of twists. If you're a fan of Delinsky's more recent Jodi-Picoult-esque novels then this might not be for you, but if you like stories about families and the secrets they have - not to mention a happily-ever-after-despite-the-odds romance - then you should enjoy this. It may have been a bit over-dramatic in places and I never did figure out what Jeff's motivation was, but this was perfect comfort reading to squish in between coursework. I'll be looking out for more of Delinsky's books - both old and new. 8/10

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