Monday, 28 November 2011

Day 2 - Least Favourite Sitter

30 Days of the Babysitters Club
Day 2 - Least Favourite Sitter

The sad thing is that as soon as I saw this entry's title, I immediately thought of Abby Stevenson. I don't think that I have anything in particular against Abby - in fact, Welcome to the BSC, Abby is a pretty emotional book, and the chapter where she visits Niagra Falls in BSC in the USA because she'd always planned to go there with her family before her dad died is pretty moving - but she joined the BSC in the 90th book. Scholastic stopped printing the BSC books in the UK at #105 so I never got the chance to properly get to know Abby, which means that when I did get around to reading some of the later books in the series thanks to BookMooch and Amazon, I never really felt like I'd connected with her. In particular, I was almost bored out of my skull when I read Abby the Bad Sport. Is it possible to have a worse combination of factors in a BSC book for me, a character I don't particularly like and SPORT? Pass me a book or some knitting, please. I'm more of a Mary Anne. It's nothing personal, Abby, you just entered the series a bit too late for me to get to know you.

Who was your least favourite sitter in the BSC?

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